Mr Mao Travels 18000 miles from China to Ireland in an LDV to get a pint of Guinness

At LDV head office in Dublin we had a nice surprise, Mr Mao from the Lao Ma Caravan club in China dropped in to have a chipped windscreen replaced.

Mr Mao – a man on a Mission – the man who embarked on an epic journey – driven by passion and an insatiable desire to circumnavigate across China, Russia and Western Europe and onto Ireland…in his beloved customised LDV camper van.
The entire trip took him just over 2 months, drove over 18,000 miles and taking in over 30 countries thus far.
The footage was shot all by himself, his account documents the trials and tribulations on the road of this marvellous fete of endurance and passion – just him, his beloved LDV van and the open road.
And the crazy thing – once he’s completed his travels around the Emerald Isle and also sampled a bit of the ole ‘black gold’ (Guinness). – he’ll do it all over again when he embarks on his mammoth return journey back home to China – back to his wife and his dog and to normality!  We will post details to the youtube channel shortly.


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