Key things to consider when thinking about an EV purchase

Mark Barrett, General Manager for Saic Maxus/LDV for Harris Group, recently presented at Electric Vehicle Summit 2020 and discussed some of the key factors to consider when purchasing an Electric Vehicle (EV).

Electric energy is the future, and it’s already happening. Businesses like An Post, DPD, Gleasons, Hireco and various councils have already embraced the transition to electric vehicles.

Not only is it an answer for corporate social responsibility and a greener conscience, but it also offers multiple benefits to the company.

The journey to all-electric vehicles has been begun, but how do you know if the transition is right for your business, right now?

These are the questions you need to be asking when purchasing an Electric Vehicle:

  • What is your average mileage per day?
  • Is the vehicle on a varied or fixed route?
  • Is it on a single or double shift?
  • How long is it back in the base for?
  • Are you near charging infrastructure or is there one on your route?
  • Do you need a fast-charging system or is slow suffice?
  • What’s the required payload of the vehicle?

The answers to these questions can help determine which, if any, EV would be best for your business. Looking at the e DELIVER 3, variables in charge times, access to charging stations & payload requirements could mean the difference between choosing a long wheelbase or a short wheelbase and a 35Kw powertrain or a 52.5Kw powertrain, for example.

Purchasing an electric vehicle

Costs of purchasing an Electric Vehicle

The data doesn’t lie…over the long term, the costs between diesel and EV will come in favour of electric.

Looking at the cost of fuel and maintenance – we found that EVs cost, on average, 70% less compared to diesel.

There are also a number of financial supports, government grants and incentives to help with the transition depending on where you live. In the end, the total cost can be cost-neutral or even cost-saving and we have outlined just some of the savings below:

  • €3,800 government grant in Ireland
  • £8000 government grant in the UK
  • Tolls: M50 – 50% reduction in toll costs
  • Cost neutral or cost savings when compared to the cost of diesel/petrol
  • In 5 years an EV saved over €2,000 compared to diesel, excluding tolls and finer details

If you have any questions about EVs, your nearest dealer can help evaluate the full cost comparisons and outline purchasing options available.

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