Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Maxus have put together a list of unmissable motoring events happening this year across Ieeland and the UK.

4th June

Greenfleet Midlands – Virtual Event

As Maxus continues to lead the way with EV’s they will kick off this year’s exciting agenda  with Greenfleet Midlands taking place virtually on the 4th of June!

Greenfleets goal is to create a carbon neutral motoring industry by driving the switch to greener fleets launching its Net Zero Roadshow.

This event will highlight current, new and updated regulations and policies to help make the move to zero-emission vehicles smooth, simple and cost-effective.

Solutions providers at the same time will drill down into the purchasing decisions most suitable for you, your fleets, your infrastructure and your project goals.

While live stream Q&A’s will have you virtually face to face with influential figures in the net-zero arena!


25th of June – 17th of October

British Superbike Championships

Next on our list, we have the British Superbike Championships which we are delighted to announce will happen outdoors this year. 

The BSB known for its dramatic racing will be extra exciting this year for the 25th anniversary with riders going elbow to elbow reaching more than 200 bhp and speeds of up to 200mph with bikes being pushed to the limit!

All eleven championships this year will follow a three-race format bringing more action into one championship season than ever before in a series history taking place from the 25th of June to the 17th of October.


19th of August 

Greenfleet Scotland – Virtual Event

Next on the list of events is  Greenfleet Scotland,  which is definitely one for the books! This event takes place on the 19th of August, is free-to-attend online and perfect for professionals who are looking to explore the latest in ultra-low EV technology, sustainability, charging and strategy.

You can expect talks from Energy Saving Trust, Transport Scotland, Charge Place Scotland and more!


9th of September

Greenfleet Emergency

Greenfleet Emergency is next in line, taking place on the 9th of September as they commence their electrification strategies, delivering key information prominent for fire, ambulance, police and moD sectors. Providing you with the perfect opportunity to engage, exchange ideas, form alliances and discuss strategies.


15th and 16th of September

Fleetworld Fleet Show

Fleetworld Fleet Show  then takes place on the 15th and 16th of September. This two-day covid secure event is like no other, offering the fleet industry a fantastic opportunity to get behind the wheel of the latest cars, vans, bikes and Ev’s with a fantastic centrally located venue!


23rd of September

Commercial Greenfleet

On the 23rd of September we have Commercial Greenfleet providing attendees with an in-depth route to achieving zero carbon fleets. This online event brings together fleet managers, those responsible for transport in the private and public sectors with alternative and electric fuel specialists, government departments, low carbon trailblazers and technology innovators! Commercial GF Expo Booths will also be available on the day providing expert advice around the latest electric, gas and hydrogen vans, trucks, specialist vehicles and HGV’s.


27th and  28th of September

Freight in the City Expo

We  then have our Freight in the City Expo coming up on the 27th and  28th of September where you will get the chance to hear from top policy-makers and operators on cutting-edge strategies ensuring the movement of safe, sustainable goods in cities. Take in an array of vehicles, technology and equipment from over 65 exhibitors and get the chance to meet and network with urban logistic professionals from over 500 organizations.


7th of October

Greenfleet – South and South West

And don’t forget about Greenfleet – South and South West taking place online on the 7th of October. This event is one to mark in the diary highlighting how your authority and the UK government can help you as you begin on your ‘ULEV Journey.’


5th of November

Greenfleet Glasgow

The unmissable Greenfleet Glasgow is next in line on the 5th of November, where transport, energy and digital come together! Glasgow, a city which is leading the way, when it comes to air quality and electrification will take the floor at this online event, joined by Transport Scotland and Energy Saving Trust to outline their new loan scheme for fleets and second-hand EV’s.


1st of December

Greenfleet Awards

And last but not least, we bring you the Greenfleet Awards on the 1st of December. This black-tie event is a 5 tables affair provided with a pre-drink deal. The Awards night celebrates fleet operators, companies and individuals that successfully reduced emissions, improving the UK’s air quality and net zero agenda.

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