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At its core, the e DELIVER 3 is built on reliability, safety & driver comfort and is redefining the light commercial vehicle industry.

The e DELIVER 3 is available in a 35Kw or 52.5Kw battery configuration with a 90KW /250Nm motor, working in tandem to produce an impressive range of up to 213 miles/344kms.

The smaller of the vehicles in the MAXUS e DELIVER range, the e DELIVER 3 is cleverly designed to maximise payload and performance. Using a combination of light weight materials such as aluminum and polymer composite materials, the nifty EV is robust in design and powerful in performance.

The future is green – the future is now.

eDeliver 3 specifications


The 3 Deliver 3 design uses aerodynamic principles to reduce wind resistance and lighten the entire vehicle. A large number of aluminium alloys and polymer composite materials are used. Strong design with emphasis on strength and payload. 

ModelSWB 35kWhSWB 50.23kWhChassis Cab 50.23
Slide door width (mm) 710710
Charging time (AC 100%) h 688
Charging time (DC 80%) min454545
Battery Capacity (kWh) 3550.2350.23
Electric motor output (Peak power/Peak torque)90kW/255N.m 90kW/255N.m90kW/255N.m
Top speed (km/hr) 12012090
Pay load (kg) 865945840-1095
CVW (kg) 145514251480
Wheelbase (mm) 291029102910
Dimension (L *W *H mm) 4555 X 1780 X 1895 4555 X 1780 X 1895 5090 x 1780 x1885 without box
Cargo Volume (m3)4.8 4.8
WLTP City Range 141 Miles/ 227 KMS 213 Miles/ 344 KMS
WLTP Combined range99 Miles / 159 KMS 151 Miles/ 243 KMS

eDeliver 3 Chassis Cab

e Deliver 3 POWER TRAIN

SAIC are the leaders in the technical revolution, continually leading the way in the development of new technology and solutions for the automotive industry.

A part of that revolution is being the market leaders in battery technology, we have developed a number of battery options for the e Deliver 3 and Deliver 9, by using various battery cooling methods, which allows us to reduce charging time (DC 45mins (5%-80%) AC 5hrs), extend battery life and increase the operating range.

The e Deliver 3 comes with a 90KW /250Nm motor, AC/DC charging options and a choice of 35Kw or 52.5Kw battery configurations.





Cool, calm and in control

Stay cool at all times with the e Deliver 9 air conditioning system. With our ever-changing climate, the importance of a good air conditioning system was always going to be a factor when it came to designing this vehicle.

The e DELIVER 9 is equipped with electrically heated side mirrors ensuring greater rear view visibility in all weather conditions. The Lane Departure Warning System can determine whether the van is changing lane, even in low-visibility weather conditions. In the event of danger, an acoustic and visual signal alerts the driver of the potential impending threat.

 While High Beam Recognition manages the activation and deactivation of the main beam headlights, increasing visibility and reducing the risk of dazzling when driving at night, automatically recognising vehicles driving in the opposite direction.

About Maxus

Representing outstanding performance, high efficiency and superb reliability MAXUS is one of several well-known brands under the parent company, SAIC.

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