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MAXUS Electric Vehicles and Vans | SAIC EV & Vans in Ireland - Intelligence Onboard

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      Fleet knowledge
      and control

      Simple reports combine all Intelligence Onboard data in one place. Fleet managers can better understand how their EVs are being driven and how well they’re performing from a charge time, range and cost perspective.

      Fleet Control

      Fleet knowledge and control

      • Informed choices

        Fleet managers and drivers alike can make fully informed vehicle management decisions with extensive data on vehicle performance and operational costs at their fingertips.

      • Measure the benefits

        Intelligence Onboard collates all the data you need for a complete assessment of the benefits of transitioning to an EV fleet, including battery charge times, energy consumption and range.

      • Pay monthly

        A simple monthly subscription with Geotab, the world’s largest telematics provider, gives you full access to your vehicle data. Everything else is built into your MAXUS EV.

      • Always improving

        Collective system data from all MAXUS vehicles on the road produces insights MAXUS can use to continuously improve the whole driving experience.

      Maximum insights and efficiency

      State of charge

      Know the live state of charge – when a vehicle needs to charge, is on-charge or off-charge and how far it is from the nearest charging point, and be alerted when charging has been interrupted. All of this allows you to maximise vehicle range and fleet efficiency.

      MAXUS - Intelligent Dashboard
      MAXUS - Intelligent Dashboard

      Compare costs

      Understand energy consumption per vehicle and for your fleet as a whole. Including where energy is being added, how much it costs in each location and how total energy costs compare to an internal combustion engine vehicle.

      Why Maxus For Fleet
      Why Maxus For Fleet

      Driver performance

      Getting the greatest performance and efficiency out of your MAXUS EV starts with the person behind the wheel. Behaviour data reveals how much a driver understands and is managing a vehicle, allowing you to redirect behaviours appropriately.

      Fleet Control
      Fleet Control

      Customer service

      A dashboard per customer enables MAXUS to be fully informed about fleet performance and ensures an open discussion about how to improve range, efficiency, cost effectiveness, the timing of maintenance and repairs, and fleet upgrades and expansion.

      Maxus support
      Maxus support

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